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A Belated Thank-You | Article Posted October 6, 2009

It would be somewhat trite to recap the Expos' playoff fortunes at this point, so instead, a quick comment on the season, and some thanks to those who help keep this team running.

While M/R fell short of its championship aspirations for '09, they nonetheless saw marked improvement in all facets of the game.  A championship appearance in a franchise's second season is nothing to sniff at, and hopefully a portent of still greater success in the future.  A special congratulations is due Mike Bergman, the Expos' first CVBL award-winner in recognition of his pitching prowess.

Running a CVBL franchise is a far more exhaustive proposition than one might imagine, and so the help of the following is enthusiastically acknowledged: Zeke Perras - manager, co-founder, tireless proponent of the franchise; Mike Bergman - co-founder and ambassador for both the team and the CVBL as a whole; Bill Perras - assistant coach and a tremendous help to the team in too many capacities to enumerate; Steve Criss - captain and personification of the team's winning attitude; Jim Calnon and Dave Davis - whose work in the press box ensures that the benefits of Chip Cummings Field are fully realized; All of our player friends and family - lending their support, both as fans and by various other means, week-in and week-out; The Friends of the Expos - helping to sustain the unmatched quality of the franchise's commitment to its players; Our generous sponsors - keeping the Expos in business at a time when such an act is a mark of particular generosity; and of course, The Expos themselves - as amiable, professional, and passionate a group of players and coaches as any in the CVBL.

Thank you all very, very much, and see you next season.

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